Guideline Index

Chapter 1: Fert$mart Planning

1.2 Identify potential and limitations

The purpose of this step is to consider the farm business and to determine if the production goals are realistic, and to identify opportunities where improved knowledge and skills will benefit soil and fertiliser management. The aim is to shortlist the options that will help to achieve the production goals.

1.2.1 Determine if goals are realistic

Use production records and other information gathered in the situation analysis to check the farm production goals. Compare goals with what has been achieved on other local and regional farms (e.g. data from focus farms, case studies or demonstration sites). Also consider the capability of the farm and of the capacity of the business (i.e. knowledge, skills, equipment, labour resources, physical resources, financial resources and current management practices).

1.2.2 Identify gaps in knowledge, skills and practices

Compare current management with acceptable practices in the DairySAT checklists for soil ,fertiliser , effluent and irrigation management. Are there any gaps in knowledge, skills, or farm practices that if addressed will result in better soil condition and/or fertiliser use? Check for research data that is relevant to the situation, and incorporate where appropriate.

1.2.3 Shortlist the options

Short list the options for improvement to knowledge, skills and practices, and revise production goals if necessary.