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Chapter 1: Fert$mart Planning

1.5 Finalise the nutrient plan

Check that the recommendations in the draft plan are feasible, practical and affordable as outlined below:

  • Involve members of the farm business and the farm advisor in a face-to-face meeting. Discuss soil test results (graphically if available) by considering current levels in comparison with the optimal test value/range. Discuss/consider soil fertility trends, if previous soil test data is available.
  • Check the management options are best suited to the farm and the farm budget.
  • Discuss/consider the nutrient program costs and the economics, for instance a staged nutrient build-up plan.
  • Check the 4Rs fertiliser plan is practical and compatible with farm infrastructure, machinery and management (i.e. fertiliser type, rate, place, time and frequency).
  • Discuss/consider implementation of the plan, record keeping and monitoring crop/pasture performance in the next 2-6 months, and then beyond that time.
  • Finalise the nutrient management plan.