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Chapter 16: Developing a Fertiliser Management Plan

16.1 Introduction

The purpose of a fertiliser management plan is to guide soil and fertiliser management decisions across the farm throughout the coming season or year. Fertiliser management plans are used by dairy farmers and farm managers for the following purposes:

  • Budgeting for fertiliser expenditure.
  • Ordering fertilisers; types/blends, quantities, and delivery dates.
  • Applying fertilisers; types/blends, the rates in each paddock/farm management zone (FMZ), and the frequency/timing of applications.
  • Targeting use of dairy effluent as a fertiliser.
  • Maintaining healthy and productive soils and implementing management recommendations specific to the farm.
  • Managing risks to humans, animals and the environment.
  • Monitoring, record keeping and reviewing management decisions.
  • A communication tool for the management team, farm staff and contractors.