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Chapter 16: Developing a Fertiliser Management Plan

16.3 Documenting the Fertiliser Management Plan

There are many suitable formats for documenting a fertiliser management plan ranging from a printed hard copy to a digital report created by fertiliser planning software. The most important sections for farm management purposes are the fertiliser program and the key farm recommendations.

Dairy farmers involved in the Fert$mart planning pilots said they preferred a concise plan with the farm fertiliser program and key farm management recommendations condensed into the first few pages, followed by more detailed management information for each FMZ. A template, including the components described in Section 16.2, was developed to meet the specific needs of farmers involved in the Fert$mart Pilots and included the following sections:

1. Fertiliser Program

2. Key farm recommendations

3. Farm details

4. Farm management zones

5. Farm nutrient budget

6. Appendix

Examples of fertiliser management plans can be found on the following links:

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