Fert$mart Champion

Dr Bill Cotching – Soil Management Consultant, Tasmania

“A Fert$mart plan removes the recipe used for applying fertiliser as it ensures that nutrients are supplied to optimise grass growth, corrects any nutrient imbalance, and minimises risks to the environment”.

Fert$mart Promise

Australian dairy farmers are amongst the most efficient dairy producers in the world. To survive in this competitive industry, the production and utilisation of pasture as our main feed source will be the key to the future success of our dairy industry. Many farmers are now finding that when they get soil and fertiliser management ‘right’, they can produce more feed at no extra cost, and with careful planning fertiliser becomes a strategic tool to boost feed when it’s most needed. Fert$mart provides farmers and advisors with a planning approach and the know-how to achieve this.

More About the Fert$mart Promise

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Regional Information

The Australian Dairy Industry has very diverse production systems and a wide variety of soil types[/nexplanation] ranging from very sandy soils to heavy clay soils. While the principles of Fert$mart are the same across Australia, some information is specific to each dairy region. Click on your state to find regional information, including:

  • Soil types (website links)
  • Soil fertility guidelines
  • Case studies and fact sheets
  • Research