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Chapter 13: Using Dairy Effluent

13.1 Introduction

Australian dairy farmers, industry and government agencies can now access a wealth of technical information that has been collated from around Australia and overseas with respect to the design and management of dairy effluent systems.

The Effluent and Manure Management Database for the Australian Dairy Industry is a source of reliable and scientifically-validated technical information on dairy effluent management that is adaptable to all dairying regions in Australia. The database is updated and maintained regularly, and outlines the principles for effective effluent management. It includes performance based design criteria for components of effluent containment and reuse systems, and appropriate management principles for optimal operation.

This database can be found on the Dairy Australia’s Dairying for Tomorrow website ( ) and is recognised as a principal reference.

Key points:

  • Dairy effluent is a natural fertiliser and soil conditioner and, if managed effectively, can enhance pasture growth and improve soil structure.
  • Effluent can be utilised safely and effectively if it is applied to meet the agronomic needs of the crop or pasture intended for its reuse.