Fert$mart Web App

Dairy Australia’s Fert$mart Web App is a new platform for nutrient advisors to more easily collect, store and analyse client data required in preparing a “Tick” approved Fert$mart Plan. It provides a platform to efficiently generate a Fert$mart Plan in a pre-determined template and shares API functionalities with many of the major soil testing laboratories of Australia to make this process more streamlined. The system also connects nutrient advisors to key industry tools such as the DairySAT and the Effluent and Sludge Calculator, the reports from which can be easily uploaded into the App.

The Fert$mart Web App also provides an interface where farmers can record their nutrient applications and generate reports to monitor and review their Fert$mart Plans. Nutrient advisors can set-up this access for their clients or manage this on their behalf.

The Fert$mart App was developed in consultation with 20 nutrient advisors, across six dairy regions of Australia, and trialled on 65 farms in 2015. A series of short videos have been prepared to provide an overview of the key functionality and capability of the Fert$mart Web App. Click here to view these videos.

The Fert$mart Web App Guidelines provide comprehensive step by step assistance on how to use the Web App to manage data and prepare, monitor and review a Fert$mart Plan. Click here to access the Guidelines.

If you are an advisor seeking to access the Fert$mart Web App, click here to register. Farmer access to the App is only possible once their nutrient advisor has prepared the Fert$mart Plan for the farm business.

The development of Dairy Australia’s Fert$mart App was jointly funded by Dairy Australia and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme through the ‘Dairy Industry responding to market signals to promote sustainable practices’ project.