Fertiliser Advice

Who can you trust?

There are many advisors providing fertiliser advice to Australian dairy farmers. Some advisors also sell commercial fertiliser products or amendments. While most advisors provide sound and impartial advice, it is not a requirement for advisors to be registered, or to have attained minimum qualifications or standards before providing advice. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult for farmers to know who they can trust.

The fertiliser industry has a voluntary program called Fertcare which sets minimum standards for accredited advisors. Farmers can rely on Fertcare accredited advisors to take a responsible approach to fertiliser advice. Fertcare accreditation requires that advice is based on productivity, farmer profitability, environmental risk management and food safety. An increasing number of farm advisors are becoming Fertcare accredited – Find a Fertcare Accredited Advisor.

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Fertcare Accreditation

Sampling AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copy Analysis AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyInterpretation AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyRecommendations AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyMonitoring

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In addition to Fertcare Accreditation, ask your advisor if they are familiar with the following:
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Fert$mart Tick

This means your advisor has prepared approved Fert$mart plans

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Fert$mart Planning Approach

Situation Analysis AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyPotential & Limitations AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copySoil & Nutrient Issues AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyPrepare a Fertiliser Plan AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyImplementation AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyMonitoring & Review

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ASPAC or NATA Laboratory

Standards AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyProtocols AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyAnalytic Methods AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyGuidelines

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Soil Fertility Guidelines

Critical Soil Test Values AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyPhosphorousAdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyPotassium AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copySulphur

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4Rs Fertiliser Recommendations

Right Source AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyRight Rate AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyRight Place AdvisorChecklistBullatPoint copyRight Time

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